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The Bergamo company offers its services to ensure the security and effectiveness of your business.

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Security and alarm systems

Security Alarm

  • Calculation of optimal solution for your real estate protection.
  • Creation and coordination of necessary documentation in accordance with the established norms.
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of high-quality equipment

Technical  environment protection

  • Permanent property protection against potential risks 24 hours a day.
  • Protecting the Territory from third-party penetration using motion sensors around the buildings.
  • With the help of microwave barriers and fencing detectors, the fixed perimeter is protected

Automatic fire alarm and warning system

  • Fire alarm systems are installed in buildings to protect people and property in the event of unforeseen fires and to control engineering and fire safety systems.
  • The notification system provides a sound warning to people about the presence of ignited objects in the facility.
  • The notification is made using sirens or voice systems

Technical audit of security systems

  • Identify gaps in the existing corporate security system and develop proposals to improve its level of trust

Access control

  • Installation of software for analysis of personnel movements, as well as installation of the necessary equipment
  • Implementation of the electronic access control in the organization

Telephone and computer networks

  • Cable laying
  • Configuration of local network and network devices

Video surveillance system with remote access

  • Assessment of the possibility of modernizing the existing system. Modernization of the outdated surveilance system. Installation of new equipment.
  • Analytical programs (visitor counting, analysis of "hot" and "cold" zones, calculation of customer traffic routes, comparison of cashiers' checks with made purchases.
  • Remote monitoring of the territory and premises by means of stationary and mobile video equipment;
  • Controlling situation in remote objects online and receiving notifications in the event of a threat;
  • Search for objects or events in video footage

Bergamo offers:

  • Creating a secure corporate server;
  • creation and administration of local user groups;
  • full control over user action.
  • reliable storage and duplication of information.
  • Uninterrupted activity of your employees, you can continue to work on any computer at any time
  • development of company security policy with a description of all threats and their methods of elimination;
  • briefing of employees

To understand what the security information is, please answer three questions:

How often do you change your service passwords?




How many people have access to important information and how do you control it?

What is your plan of action in a situation where a computer with the whole project documentation is lost?

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